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89 History

Type 1 89 Firebird Owners Manual Cover Pic (19K)

Type 2 89 Firebird Owners Manual Cover Pic (12K)

89 Service Manual cover pic (16K)

89 TTA Ad Card (20K)

The Easiest way to tell the difference between an 88 & 89 is the Back Seat Shoulder harness'.  88 did not have them whereas the 89 Did.   In 89 Pontiac dropped the performance sound option from the Firebird line.

The Formula got new high performance P245/50ZR16 tires as standard, over the old P245/50R16 Tires.

The Engine received only a minor upgrade to where the Cold Start injector was eliminated from the driver side of the intake.  The Multec fuel injectors were revised for more reliability and less susceptibility to fuel fouling.  The self-adjusting rear disc brakes were completely revised with new caliper and rotor design.  Pass key anti-theft protection, previously standard only on the GTA, is now standard on all cars in the lineup.  The rear hatch lid pull down was revised, and the door glass seals were improved for better sealing and less wind noise.  And a new AM/FM compact disc player option.

  September of 1988, the 1989 Pontiac Media Kit sent to dealers stated that for 1989 the Formula 350 would have an additional 10 HP over the Trans Am and GTA's 225 bhp option.  The Formula was to be the only car to use the "Dual Catalytic converter low back pressure exhaust system.  In numbers, the added power should be good for a .2 to .3 second reduction in 0-60 mph times."   The N10 Dual cat option became available on the Trans Am and GTA later in the production year.  89 Pontiac Firebird Media Kit  (1.7MB)

The 89 Formula started life with a 5.0 TBI Engine (LO3), A/C, Aero Spoiler, "Dome hood", Formula Graphics, WS6 Suspension, P245/50ZR16, two tone paint & striping, & HI-tech turbo "deep dish" aluminum wheels


In 1989 there seems to be an unusually high production of T-top cars that were equipped with the L98 (350ci) engine.  Although 350 T-tops cars appear to be available in both 87 & 88 it is a more common combination in 89.   It should be noted that C&C (Cars and concepts) was a company that did Hard top to T-top conversions for F-bodies, for owners who had a hard top and wanted a T-top car.   The C&C T-tops are not interchangeable with Factory tops, and in some cases even have a pop-up option much like a sunroof. 


Option Group 1SA included: A/C, Body Side Molding & Lamp Group, power windows & power Locks

Option Group 1SB included 1SA &: 4 way Seat Adjuster, Cruise, Power hatch release, power remote Mirrors, rearview mirror with reading lamp.


As a side note 1989, was the first year that the Trans Am could not be ordered with the TBI engine,  The T/A automatically got the 5.0 TPI engine as a base.


Other options:

NB2 California Requirements

N10 Dual catalytic converters.

JG1 Aluminum Driveshaft

D42  Cargo Screen

C49  Rear window Defog

LB9  TPI 5.0 Engine

BL2  TPI  5.7 Engine

CC1 T-tops

VK3  License Plate Bracket

U75  power Antenna

AU3  Power Door Locks (required power windows)

A31  Power Windows (Required power door Locks)

UM6  Radio seek/scan auto reverse cassette

UX1  auto reverse cassette with Graphic EQ

U1A CD Player & Graphic EQ

MXO Automatic Transmission