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The First 13 (VIN 200001 thru 200013) 1991 Model year Firebirds were produced on October 30, 1989, One for each model, and engine combination.  These would have been Test cars, or cars used for marketing materials. 
The interior changes which began in 1990 were used for 1991 & 1992.   Normal Production new model year cars were introduced around August of the previous year, but for 1991, the first production Firebirds started rolling off the line on February 14, 1990.  There was a month and a half of no production for the changes, as the last 1990 Firebirds would have rolled off the line on December 31, 1989.  All firebirds received a facelift, basically the changes were cosmetic.  Gone were the little bumperettes on the bumpers of the Base Firebird and the Formula, all Firebird models from the Base thru the GTA receieved a more sleak and aero dynamic fascias.  The Base Firebird was available with the W68 Option (27,706 produced) which gave it the ground effects of the Trans Am and GTA, but the base Firebird kept the base hood and standard D80 Wing in the US.  Formula was not available with D82 Ground effects treatment.  

The Hoods remained the same across the line from 1990, the Base Firebird still used the same hood, as the Formula still dawned its "Dome hood", and the Trans Am & GTA used the same hood with the vents.  The Formula, Trans Am & GTA use the same  Aero Spoiler.  The "Aero Spoiler" also received a change, its appearance was lower profile, has a flat top and an inverted aero foil on the bottom to reduce drag, but still create downforce.  Because it was made hollow and by cast plastic it also weighed much less than the urethane D81 1985-1990 Aero Spoiler.  A historical oddity which needs to be explained, for 1991 Model year there were 2,087 more D81 Spoilers produced than Formulas, Trans Ams and GTA's, Those 2087 spoilers were installed on Base Firebirds which also had the DD9 Break away mirrors and were exported to MAE (2,036 to Europe) and MAU (51 to Unregulated Countries).  Many countries, especially European, where city roads are narrow, vehicles must have peodestrien friendly parts to pass inspection.  Some of these regulations include break away mirrors and components which will reduce injury, the Aero Spoiler would have been one of those components.

Other Oddities also include there were 308 Trans Am and even 68 GTA's which had the L03 engine.  This engine was Not available on these models from 1990 - 1992.  Starting in 1990, for exported vehicles the L03 Engine was available. 

T-tops paired with the 350 were dropped for the 1990 model year.  However for 1991, T-Tops were once again available on Formula with a 350  starting March 27, 1991, the Formula was available with the PW7 Wheel, with these wheels Hatch Roof CC1 was available on the Formula. 
NOTE: From 1987-1990 the Formula was only available and sold with the standard PE0 for 1988-1990 or N96 Wheel in 1987. The Black PW7 wheels from the Trans Am were also available as an individual option without CC1.  A total of 82 Formulas with Black Wheels were ordered for 1991, and of those only 44 had both the 350 and CC1 T-tops.

91-F-7 Effective July 30, 1990 thru November 30, 1990 (Extended to May 28, 1991), 4 Wheel Disc brakes J65 were Not available with the exeption of G92/1LE Performance package. 

91-F-8 December 6, 1990 Firebird Convertible becomes available, expect a 5 additional days for production.

91-F-8 (Not an error) January 2, 1991 - Base Firebirds with the LH0 with MM5 5 Speed Manual transmission will be accepted.

91-F-9 January 10, 1991 - Firebird Special Edition 5BZ introduced - Includes N90 15" Wheels, Gold Graphics (Name Plates & Bird Decals) available only with the Base Firebird with W68.