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91 History

91 Firebird B&W Postcard

91 Formula B&W Postcard 1

91 Formula B&W Postcard 2

91 Formula B&W Profile Postcard

91 Formula COLOR Pic (White)

91 Formula COLOR Pic (Bright Red Met)

91 Trans Am B&W Postcard

91 Trans Am B&W Convert Postcard

91 GTA B&W Postcard

91 GTA B&W Postcard (from rear)

91 GTA B&W Postcard (motion)

91 GTA B&W Postcard (Profile)

91 Owners Manual Cover

91 Service Manual Cover

1991 was actually introduced in early 1990, around March or April instead of August.  All firebirds received a facelift, basically the only changes were cosmetic.  New, more aerodynamic front and rear fascias were standard.  The Formula still dawned its "Dome hood", Formula decals, and the Trans Am borrowed rear Aero Spoiler.  The "Aero Spoiler" also received a change, its appearance was sleeker.

Once again, T-Tops were available on Formula with a 350 in late 1991.   NOTE: 91 & 92 were the ONLY years that the Formula was available with a different wheel than the "turbo" snowflake style wheel.  The Black Trans Am wheels were also available as an option according to the Pontiac Literature, but appears to be standard when ordering a 350/T-top car.

All other options appear to be the same as 1990