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92 History

92 Formula COLOR Pic

92 Trans Am B&W Postcard

92 Service Manual

The only notable change for 1992 was they received extra glue and strength throughout the body structure.  It has been theorized by many that this change was made because GM knew the 3rd Gen was under strengthened for its application, and extra bonding was required.  This author believes this only to be speculation.  What I believe the extra bonding was intended for was to prepare GM with the undertaking of the next generation Firebird & Camaro to be released for 1993. GM took the tried & true 3rd generation platform, and before starting on new production techniques on the 4th Generation platform, they wanted to try the new techniques on something well established.

The Formula was a special from GM as it was the only car in the F-body line up to be available with both the T-top & 350 options.   In this case these cars are usually equipped with the Black cross-laced spoke wheels that came standard on the Trans AM.  A total of

All options appear to be the same as a 1990 & 1992.