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Service Parts Identification
Service Parts Label Identification Label is located
in the center console, below the console door. It includes the vehicle identification number, a listing of option codes, paint type, paint code,  and an interior trim code.

Example Option Codes:

AQ9 Adjustable Custom bucket Seats

AU3 Power Door Locks

CC1 Removable Glass Hatch Roof




Seat Option Code

AR9 Recliner Bucket 

AQ9 Lear Siegler Power Articulating Bucket (Driver & Passenger) "Ultima"


Trim Level

Deciphering the chart

Seats Seat or Door Doors

M - 

S -





1 -

2 -


1st Design

2nd Design


C -

L -






Seat RPO Codes

The first two numbers indicate the Basic Color


66-Medium Beechwood/Dark Sienna

82-Medium Dark Gray


The Third Number or Letter Indicate the type and design as follows:

Cloth:         B, C

Leather:      2



Seat Option Code Trim Level Black Med. Beechwood Med. / Dk. Gray Seat Material & Texture
Seats Trim RPO Formula Quantity RPO Formula Quantity RPO Formula Quantity
AR9 S1 1C 19C 440 64C 111 82C 501 Pallex 308WC Tara WTL
AQ9 M2 1C 19C 0 64C 0 82C 0 Pallex 308WC Tara WTL
AQ9 M2A 1L 192 0 642 0 822 0 Perf Ventura Wgseau, Ventura Wgseaf, Ventura WN (Leather



S- Standard Seats are the most common

C- Custom seats are like Standard, but have a rear pocket.

D- Deluxe seats are the "Ultima" Articulating seats


The Paint Code
The Paint Code indicates the exterior paint color. A two part paint code indicates the bottom and top colors. Vehicles using the letters L and U indicate which code represents the lower body and the upper body colors respectively. Included on this label is a four digit number indicating the exterior body color. This number has been noted along with the exterior GM code. 


Color  WA Number Code Formula Quantitiy
White  9567  10 163
Dark Jade Metallic 9795 18 51
Dark Aqua Metallic 9238 37 153
Black  8555  41 214
Dark Green Metallic 9539 45 95
Jamaica Yellow 9809 52 48
*Brilliant Red Metallic 9540  75 0
Bright Red 8774  81 259
Bright Blue Metallic 9591  80 62


*NOTE: NOT all colors were available on the Formula


Paint Types:
The Paint Type Code indicates what type of paint was used on the car.

DIS Lacquer Dispersion Lacquer

SOL Lacquer Solution Lacquer

BC CC Base Coat/Clear Coat



Paint Code


L848 Lower Body Color Black

U848 Upper Body Color Black



Regular Production Options (RPO)
Note: The Quantites shown are not complete, they are only for a portion of the produced vehicles.   In the first section the first number is the number 896 from the source which is compnine.com.  The second number in the brackets (1052) is the actual number produced. 


RPO Code



MSRP - Firebird - Coupe   20395 (23049)    
MSRP - Firebird - Convertible   1179 (1315)    
MSRP - Formula W66 1052    
MSRP - Trans Am (WS4 + Y83) Y83 702 (866)    
MSRP - Trans Am Convertible (WS4 + Y83) Y83 664 (777)    
MSRP - GTA (WS4 + Y84) Y84 508    


RPO Code

Formula Quantity


Standard Equipment AAA 1012

4 Way Manual Seat Adjuster




Drivers Side Inflatable Restraint AJ3 1052
Restraint Provision, Child  AN4 39

Articulating Buckets
Only available on Trans Am Convertible as an option
Standard on GTA




Recliner Bucket (European Style)



no cost

Power Door Locks 





Power Windows





Power Hatch Release w/Pull Down in Trans Am




Ornamentation, Interior, Door Pocket  BC8  1036

Engine, 5.7L, V-8, BC, HO, TPI 

(Requires MXO, KC4, WS6, J65, G80)

(Can Not include CC1)

B2L ( L98) 421 $1045.00
SLP Firehawk  B4U 14
Moldings, Body side B84 1035 Standard 1.3
Locking Hatch Roof w/removable Glass Panels  CC1 653 $920.00 29.5
Heater w/Defroster, Outside Air  C41 11
Electric Rear Window Defrost (except GTA) C49 883 $170.00 0.9
Air Conditioning  C60 1041 $830.00

41.7 with V-6

42.6 with 305 TPI & 700R4
46.3 with 305 TBI & 700R4
42.7 with L98
Rear View Dual Reading Lamp  DC4 1035
Sport Electric Power Mirrors  DG7 957 $91.00

Mirror, outside, Remote rearview painted  D35 95

Cargo Screen 

D42 675 $69.00
Speedometer Driven Gear  D5S 180
Speedometer Driven Gear  D5V 30
Speedometer Driven Gear  D5X 421
Speedometer Driven gear  D7C 421
Speed Sensor  D8G  
Spoiler, Deck Lid Rear  D80 0

Aero Spoiler 

D81 1052  

Speedometer Adapter (Delete) 

E5Z 1052    
Speedometer Key (Delete)  E9Z 1052    
Suspension System, Soft Ride  FE1 0    
Suspension System, Touring Ride & Handling  FE2 1052    





Axle, Rear 2.73 Ratio  (L03 or LB9 With Auomatic Trans) GU2 421
Axle, Rear 3.08 Ratio  (L03 with Manual Trans) GU4 30
Axle, Rear 3.23 Ratio  (L98 (B2L)) GU5 421
Axle, Rear 3.42 Ratio  (LB9 with Manual Trans) GU6 180

Limited Slip Differential Axle 

G80 766 $100.00

Axle, Performance Ratio 

G92 21
Trim Interior Design  ILC 0
Trim Interior Design IL2 0
Trim Interior Design IPC 1052
Shaft, Prop (Aluminum)  JG1 21
Brake System, Power, Disc/Drum (Cast Iron)  J41 451
Brake System, Power, Disc/Drum (Aluminum)  J42 0
Four Wheel Power Disk Brakes J65 601 $179.00 2.6
Oil Cooler KC4 601 $110.00
Engine Block Heater,  K05 39

Cruise Control w/Resume Feature 

K34 958 $225.00 5.3

Generator, 105 AMP 

K68 1028

Engine, 5.0L, V-8, TPI 

LB9 324

$745 Formula & T/A 

($300 credit GTA only)

Engine, 3.1L V6 


Engine, 5.0L V8, TPI 

L03 307 $350.00 (base only)

Engine, 5.7L, V-8, BC, HO, TPI 

(Requires MXO, KC4, WS6, J65, G80)

(Can Not include CC1)



421 $300.00 in T/A

$1045.00 in Formula

Transmission, 4-Speed Automatic 

MD8 842
Transmission, 5-Speed Manual (With LB9/MM5 Only) MK6 180

Transmission, 5-Speed Manual 

MM5 210 No Charge ($515 Credit in T/A) 

Transmission, Automatic, 4Spd

MXO 842 $530.00 exc GTA 101.9 

Transmission, 5-Speed Manual (With L03/MM5 Only)

M39 30
California Emmissions NB2 45 $100.00

Exhaust System, Dual 

N10 601 $155.00

Wheel, Sport Steering  With Air Bag

N36 1052
Wheel & Tire Spare, Aluminum N64 601
Wheel & tire, Stowaway Spare N65 165

Wheel, 16 x 8 Styled (Aluminum) Formula

PE0 584 No Charge

Wheels, Diamond-Spoke Aluminum GTA/T/A

PW7 468 No Charge 
Inflator, Spare Tire Delete (Export) P43  
High Performance Tires WS6 P245/50R16 QLC 1052 $315.00
Performance Enhancement group with
N10 - Dual Converter,
J65 - 4 wheel disk Brakes,
KC4 - Engine cooler
Performance Axle
Optional on Trans Am Only with LB9/MM5 or B2L (L98),
Standard on GTA & Formula with LB9/MM5 or B2L (L98).
R6P 589 $265.00
Firebird & Formula Value Package
CC1 - T-top Hatch Panels
UX1 - AM/FM Cassette with EQ
D42 - Cargo Screen
R6A 474 $820.00
Daytime Running Lamps   (All to Canada) T61 39
Smoked Lenses, Tail Lights  T93 0
Fog Lamps T96 0 4.4
Instrument Cluster  UB3 1052
Radio, Japanese Freq UK1 0

Delco Am/Fm Stereo w/seek-scan w/ Cassette

UM6 243 $150.00

Radio/Stereo Installation Provisions 

UQ1 1052

Delco Am/Fm Stereo Cassette w/graphic EQ

UX1 657 $150.00

Delco AM/FM CD with EQ

U1A 152 $226.00-$376.00

Speedometer (KM)


Speedometer (KM) 

U19 39

Power Antenna (Chrome)

U75 548 $85.00 2.6

Front License Plate Mounting Provisions (Dealer Installed)

VK3 770  
Warranty waiver - Partial Deductible WDV 38

Trans Am Package
Trans Am & GTA


Special Performance Package 
No Charge on Formula & GTA

WS6 896


($385.00 T/A only)

Formula Includes:
L03 - TBI 5.0 Engine
QDZ - 245/50R16 Tires
PE0 - 16x8" Wheels
WS6 - Performance (FE2) Suspension

W66 1052 $1070.00
Firebird Sport Appearance Option  W68 0 $450.00
Firebird Package (Merchandising Option) Y81 0

Trans Am Package



B2L - L98 5.7 Liter Engine
QDZ - 245/50ZR-16 Tires
PW7 - Gold Cross Lace 16x8" Wheels
WS6 - Performance Suspension
KC4 - Engine Oil Cooler
J65 - 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
G80 - Posi Traction
NP5 - Leather Steering Wheel

Y84 0 $2700.00

Rally Turned Suspension 
Standard on Trans Am

Y99 0 $59.00
Canadian Base Equipment  Z49 39
Performance Package 1LE 21
Formula option Group #1 1SA 16
Formula option Group #2 1SB 83 $223.00
Formula option Group 1SC 952 $419.00
Package Discount 1SZ 1035
Wheel Color (silver metallic)
(Note: some PE0 cars might not have the 15P RPO)
Wheel Color (Black) 41P 
FOR COLOR information please see The
color Charts Page
Figuring the RPO Color Codes, these codes are 2 numbers followed by a letter or number.
The first two numbers indicate the color eg. 41=Black, see above paint chart,
Other Colors not included above:

Regular Production Options (RPO) Description Code





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