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How to figure your Color Codes

This page is for 87-92 Formulas.

To figure your codes you must first determine the color, Then determine what the 3rd digit (application) is. For example a 192 code indicates the following: 19 is Black, and the 2 indicates Leather.   Below are 2 charts The first chart is all the (known) colors, the second chart is for the application.

The colors used on this page are not intended to be a perfect Match, they are intended for representational purposes only.

10 Artic White
11  White
12  Silver Metallic
13  Secondary Exterior color (Silver Metallic)
16  Silver
19  Black (Interior Color)
23  Bright Blue Metallic (87 only) (Primary color)
23  Medium Maui Blue Metallic (88-91) (Primary Color)
24  Bright Blue Metallic (Exterior Color)
28 Black Sapphire Metallic (Exterior)
37  Dark Bright Teal Metallic (Exterior)
40  White (Primary Color)
41  Black (Primary Color)
45 Medium Green Metallic (Exterior Color)
48 Charcoal gray (exterior stripe)???
51 Yellow Gold (87 & 88) (Primary)
52  Jamaica Yellow (92 Only) (Exterior Color)
52  Gold Metallic (Wheel Color)
60 Champagne Gold Metallic 
62  Lt Saddle / Medium Lt Saddle (Interior Color)
63 Medium Orange Metallic (Exterior Color)
66  Beechwood (Interior Color)
68 Dark Russet Mettalic
72  Dark Carmine (Interior Color)
74  Flame Red Metallic (Primary color)
75  Brilliant Red Metallic (Primary color)
81  Bright Red (Primary)
82  Med - Dark Gray (Interior)
82  Med - Rosewood Metallic (Extreior)
84  Gunmetal Metallic
85  Brilliant red
87  Gunmetal Metallic
98  Bright Blue Metallic (Primary Color)
The Letter designates the part:
19B  = Black Cloth Standard Seats
52P = Gold Metallic Wheels (See chart Below)
A= Body Accent Stripe
B= Cloth Interior Trim
C= Cloth Interior Trim
D= Cloth Interior Trim
E= Cloth Interior Trim
F= Covering Floor Mat, Color
G= Cloth Interior Trim
H= Cloth Interior Trim
I= Interior Trim
J= Cloth Interior Trim
L= lower (Secondary) Paint
N= Interior Trim Combination 
P= Wheel Color
Q= Molding Color
T= T-Top Color
U= Upper (Primary) Paint
V= All Vinyl interior Trim
W= All Vinyl interior Trim
Y= All Vinyl interior Trim
Z= All Vinyl interior Trim
1= Interior Trim
2= Leather with  Articulating Seats
3= Leather
4= Leather
5= Leather
6= Leather
8= Cloth Interior Trim
9= Seat Belts

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