Modifying Your Formula


    Installing Better brakes



    Upgrading your Struts and shocks

    Upgrading your Control & pan-hard arms



    Converting to TPI

    Other Engine Mods (coming soon)



    White face Gages Templates

    Installing an Automatic rear-view mirror conversion

    Installing an overhead console

    Installing Ultima "GTA" seats

    Installing 6 way Power seats

    Installing Right & Left Electric outside Mirrors


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So, you want to modify your Formula,

There are many things to consider when modifying your Formula.  Some of which are Freebies, and take time to modify, others are an expense.  Of course most people want to spend as little and go as fast as possible.  Sometimes these things are not compatible, sometimes you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get.

You, as the owner of one of the most beautiful machines ever made must decide what you should do, and what you want to do.  Like Everything there are many variables to consider, for example you don't want to make a 12 second car without spending money on your brakes and suspension.

Below are some things I have personally experienced and have done FIRST Hand.

I will add some suggestions that I will be doing eventually, I will give that information as I find it