Rear view Mirror

An easy, relatively inexpensive mod, that I like is the conversion to the automatic dimming rear view mirror.  

I get my mirrors off 89-93 Riviera's, or Cadillac's.  I have never spent more than $30.00 for one of these.  Be aware, that some of these mirrors turn yellowish/gold over time.  Try and find a mirror that is more clear.

When getting the mirror from a salvage yard, get the Mirror (obviously) the little black cover for the wires and try to get as much wire as you can.  Do not just unplug it, getting the connectors makes it easier.

Remove your OEM manual mirror.  You do not need to remove the mirror bracket mounted to the windshield, fortunately they all seem to use the same mirror mount.

If you want to do a nice job, you will have to remove the front pillar plastic covers and drop the headliner. and maybe the dome light housing.  Also remove the kick panel on the left side of your car under the dash.  

Run the wires along your existing interior dome light wire, I just attached it with some zip ties.  The Black wire is ground, the pink/black wire is for power, hook it into the switched power, not into your constant power.  The green wire goes to the reverse lights, so the Mirror will not work when in reverse.  (The reverse lights wire on my car was also green, I just ran it down to the floor on the drivers side and spliced it in under the kick panel by where your feet go.)

Mount and plug in the mirror, put the plastic cover in place.  To see if it works turn on your car and hold one finger over the front sensor.  Mine is on the right side.  If you shine a flashlight into the sensor on the mirror side it should dim, start your car put the car into reverse and it should no longer be dark.

Replace the headliner, front pillar plastic covers, and kick panel plastic, and you should be done.