Shocks & Struts

Changing your shocks & struts is not really difficult, it only takes a little time & experience.  When I did my Baer Brake conversion I decided to get myself some adjustable shocks & struts from Summit.  Since I had everything apart anyway, I figured it was a good time.  

I purchased the KYB AGX adjustable struts & shocks.


First jack up your car, and remove the wheel on the side you will be working on.

First thing you have to do is remove the Bolts, to do so I would recommend, after jacking your car up and placing it on a nice set of Jack stands, Placing the jack underneath the "A" Arm.   Do not lift the car up any, just keep it there so your suspension doesn't flop down.  You will also have your "Anti-roll bar still attached, so it should not go too far anyway.

The First bolt I removed was on the top of the tower.   You first have to pop off the plastic piece that hides the nut. Then you remove the nut itself. Since I love pneumatic tools I simply took my Air Impact wrench to loosen them.  I recommend doing one side at a time.

Once you have the nut loosened, leave it on a turn or two so it will not flop around on you. 

NOW you can remove the two lower Bolts as pointed out by my little white arrow:  you can only see the upper bolt in this picture.

To install do just the opposite.


The rear shocks are just about as easy as the front struts, if not a little easier.

Again, jack up your car and remove the wheels.  Put some sort of support under the rear axel so it will not drop too far on you.

Get in your car, and lower your back seat to the flat position. 

Then pull the rear hatch carpet up to expose the nuts holding on the top of the shock.

Once again with your impact wrench, remove the nut, leave a thread or two on so not to let it drop out yet.

With the wheels off, you can remove the nut & Bolt from the lower part of the shock.  I usually use hand tools for this, because you have to make sure the bolt does not spin.  An impact wrench will work well too.