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88 History

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AS is the case until the end of 1992, all Formulas still received the WS6 Package, with the power Bulge hood & the Trans Am's D81 Aero Spoiler.

1988, only a few changes were made to the Formula, Exterior wise it was almost identical to an 87.  The most noticeable difference  the Convex Turbo wheels were now an 88 Formula only Item.  The concave wheels which were used on 87's were available, but ONLY 400 Trans Ams received them, No Formulas got the N96 Wheels. 

The LG4 4BBL was completely dropped for a new, more efficient, 170hp L03 Throttle Body Fuel Injection, engine.  Unlike the LG4 which used the same heads as the LB9 in 1987, the new L03 used unique heads which restricted flow and increased fuel economy.  1988 was the first year for a complete Fuel injection lineup for the F-body. The LB9 & L98 equipped Firebirds received a new upgraded cold air system, which was carried thru 1989 model year, and a new serpentine Belt system. 

The interior remained basically unchanged, except for a new 120Mph Speedometer replaced the 85 mph which was used for 87, and a new 4 spoke steering wheel, instead of the 3 spoke "Formula" Steering wheel.  The Molded door panels with the Custom interior which was an option in 1987, is now gone, all Formulas got the same base interior. 

All Formulas started with a 5.0 TBI Engine, Aero Spoiler, "Dome Hood" Formula Decals, WS6 Suspension, 245/50VR16 Two Tone Paint, I tech Turbo Alum Wheels:

Option Group 1SA Included: C60 - Air Conditioning, A01 - Tinted Glass, N33 - Tilt Steering, AK1 - Color Keyed Seat Belts, B84 - Body Side Molding, D34 - RH Visor Vanitiy Mirror, CD4 - Controlled Cycle Wipers

Option Group 1SB  included all of 1SA & also came with TR9 - Lamp Group (Includes U25 - Courtesy Lamp Rear Compartment, U29 - Courtesy Lamps IP, UF6 - Courtesy Lamp Center Console &  UT1 - Tone Generator), AH3 - 4 Way Manual Seat Adjuster Driver, K34 - Cruise Control, A90 - Remote Deck Lid Release

Option Group 1SC included all of 1SA & 1SB & also included A31 - Power Windows AU3 - power Locks